4 January 2018

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18 January 2016

See you on the other side...

Hi everyone, Alex here;
It's probably too late to start writing my first blog post but, oh well!

The last few days I have been doing the final prep for the flight and living out in Australia - I'm almost certain I've got everything, although I will never be 100%, there's always that nagging in my brain causing me to think otherwise!
I had a bit of a scare today to do with taking my guitar with me on the flight - I'm not 100% whether or not I needed to ask for permission to take it on the plane or whether or not I need to pay for extra luggage, I've read different things from different places! So prayer would be excellent for that. I realise that most people would be reading this after I have left the country but God works outside time, even if I have run out of it.

Other than that, all is good! I'm feeling surprisingly calm, which is unusual for me. I believe it's from all the praying people have done. I've actually been asked a lot how I feel about it all, and most of the time I've answered "it hasn't really hit me yet" - which is true, except when I actually think about what I'll be doing and where I'll be going - THEN I start to get excited. It amazes me that for some reason God has chosen me to do this, I feel truly blessed and I almost don't believe it is actually happening!
The thought of living with 30 other musicians and artists, half way across the other side of the world, living life with God, and experiencing love and music in a completely different way, is just one of the most tremendous and uplifting feelings I have felt. 
And that's not to mention the amount of support I have been given from such an incredible town!

It just blows me away, being shown the kindness and generosity of so many people here in Frinton. I just don't know what I have done to deserve such a gift. It truly means the world and I don't know how I could ever say thank you enough or make up for everything that has been given and has been said to support me. I am so so grateful to everyone, thank you so much for helping to give me this opportunity! God bless you!

So, I'll be leaving London Heathrow at 10.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday) and arriving in Brisbane at 8.30am AEST on Thursday (10.30pm Wednesday GMT+10). After that, I get on an airport shuttle - which is really just a fancy name for a mini bus that takes you to places from the airport - all the way to the front door of the YWAM Toowoomba base, 2 hours and 30 minutes (ish) away.
I'm praying that God will help me with jet lag when I arrive, I personally haven't experienced a flight that long so I have no idea how I will cope!

One final thing - last week I received a big surge in financial support and it enabled me to purchased my return ticket home for the end of June. Some of you would know that up until recently, I had been preparing to travel to Australia without a return ticket - due to lack of money when it came to purchasing my plane ticket there - but thanks to some incredible people, I was able to purchase a ticket last Saturday to come home. And even though I had to purchase two singles, it came to less than most of the return ticket prices! God is soooo good!

I do believe that is all I have to say!
Again, thank you so much for all the support that you have given me, it means the world and I can't thank you enough!
God bless, and see you on the other side...


GoFundMe Page - https://www.gofundme.com/bm6s78e4